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Emily, 20, US, bisexual, agnostic, Hufflepuff.

This blog will be mostly multi-fandom with whatever else I find that I think is funny/interesting.

My fandoms include (but are not limited to): Doctor Who, Supernatural, Merlin, Harry Potter, Marvel, Star Trek, Hobbit/LOTR, Disney, One Piece, Percy Jackson, Sherlock, Game of Thrones, and many more.

My obsessions fluctuate, so please do not be alarmed if I only focus on one thing occasionally.

I'm also not well versed in the art of 'talking to people,' so please do not be offended if I take a long time to reply to asks/messages. I'm just trying to figure out what to say.

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So, I’ve been talking to my friend online/texting her. Only reason I haven’t gone to bed yet.

She hasn’t replied in a while. She probably went to sleep.

Little fucker didn’t even say goodnight.

Tagged: talonsandwingsBetrayalI thought that we were friends?Is this my super villain origin story?I should probably go to sleep now.

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